Foxes Den Guild

Guild Crest

Pictured: Guild Crest

"Guild Ho! Guild Ho!
Dungeon Ho, to Mystery!
Theres no cavern deep that could hold back our reverie!
Guild Ho! Guild Ho!
Horde Ho, to Victory!
No sum of gold could by a better life all else is misery!
So grab your bow and flex your pex its time for us to march!
Guild Ho! Guild Ho!
Ruins Ho, to History!
No Jungle deep can hold us back from Victory!
Guild Ho! Guild Ho!
Legends Ho, to Victory!
No stories old in musty tomes could make for greater history!
So grab your blade and flash your grin its time for us to march!
" – A regular Drinking song of the Guild

An adventuring guild established shortly after the end of the short war between Tegria and Efria by Tayis of the queens alliance. Shortly after it began operations management of the guild was ceded to Hanison Guilder as Tayis began a solo journey across the sea. 

The core drive of the guild was to gather powerful and skilled individuals in one place and give them somewhere to gather among peers, this is irrespective of alterier world views. Its members are to be given a strong sense of autonomy outside of the base guild laws to allow those of varying degrees of selfishness classical morality to find a place as long as they can respect each other. Another important part of this is remaining uninvolved in politics and other outside organizations while part of the guild so that it as a whole remains an unaffiliated organization funded by the private small group contracts it takes on.

The guild has two levels of membership available to those who join it active and static, only active members are allowed to take jobs in the guild but will be given full access to its resources and assistance in their work. Static members are less restricted in their actions and are allowed to make use of the public spaces in the guild and stay in its lodgings (provided they pay like everyone else) but must become active again if they wish to take on jobs once more. The primary purpose of this rule is to ensure the guild can enforce clear guidelines on its members behavior when they represent the guild but still allow them if need be to disassociate calmly, and all members are welcome to become active again at any time.

Foxes Den Guild Laws

  1. You work for the guild above all else

    • it matters not which god, liege or master you bow to, those that serve the guild will take no pay or seek any riches beyond the jobs they take under the guild
  2. Honour amongst guild members

    • No matter the circumstance if guild members find each other in opposition in their jobs they may compete with each other but will not try to kill, deceive, or betray each other to accomplish their goals
  3. We do not take sides

    • No active member is to be involved in national politics, war or espionage, if we have a job that during which a member finds is related to one of these things they are to use best judgment to limit their impact
  4. Those that do not work have no place

    • There are no guild fees but all guild members must pay for their own room and board, those who wish to stay part of the guild must continue to take jobs

Foxes Den Guild

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