Lands of Astoria

The Last Moments of George Madoc

for now

The Rite of the Alpha Wolf. Recognition, and a great boon from the founder. Revenge, at long last.

Lost in a familiar berserker rage, foaming at the mouth behind my mask. Frenzied hacking and slashing at the commander.

Viktor’s fate comes later. He will remember, one way or another.

A blade in my gut – not an unfamiliar or unexpected sensation, but definitely an unwelcome one.

More unexpected is the insistent tugging at the very seat of my being. I shrug it off.

I don’t shrug it off the second time.

The tugging becomes as irresistible as the blows of a dwarven war construct; I fight it with everything I have, my vengeance so close to hand… but the blade has its way.

My soul is engulfed by a cacophonous black void, and my lifeless body falls to the loamy forest floor. A storm of memories, sensations, and emotions assaults me; scything waves of terrible despair, threatening to scour away everything that makes me who I am.

I barely cling to my most recent memories. Of a commander who betrayed the ideals of the reformed Wolves, who wields the blade I currently find myself trapped in. Of a nemesis who didn’t even remember my name. Of having lost my first family in Sior’s Reach, my second family in the Wolves, and my third family in the Alliance of Convenience.

Of my vengeance, denied.

The storm abates in the face of the hurricane which now sweeps through the void, and I am the hurricane.

I tear through the inky blackness, howling my wrath and indignation. But there are no boundaries to cross, no doors to break down; I rant and roar and rage and scream, and nothing stands in my way, yet I cannot escape.

I am an unstoppable force moving through an infinite space.

I lose track of time, drowning in my own fury, choking with rage. The other voices are quieter now, not willing to risk losing themselves to me as I almost lost myself to them.

Eventually I arrive at the eye of the storm. The hurricane rages around me. Chaos and clarity surround me in equal measure.

I am the calmest I have ever been.

I have never been more furious.

I listen to the other voices.

And I wait…


Tom_Murray Arkyte

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