Lands of Astoria

Session 6: Northward Bound

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SGT Madoc's Report

Day 1 of Operation Queen’s Alliance of Convenience

We left Ballinor for Valtarum in pursuit of recruiting the dwarves, stopping over in North Stoke and then proceeding to Min Barom, and from there to the Capitol of Thol Darum.  At some point Hesskn Hn left our group for reasons unknown.

Upon arriving at Stoke we observed a number of bodies hanging from a building near the town square, and I was informed that there were other Wolves in the vicinity. Upon entering the tavern I learned of a separate Operation being conducted there by CMDR Killgor, supported by SGT Jorin and a dozen Journeymen, using the village as a staging ground for any Operations being conducted in the North. CMDR Killgor informed me how to get from Min Barom to Thol Darum, and provisioned me with winter supplies. CMDR Killgor also informed me of a Dwarven Artificer currently staying at the inn who could be useful given our recent airship acquisition. We recruited this Artificer, Vera.

The rest of my party was unhappy with how the Wolves were conducting themselves, and Tor confronted me about it. I sought guidance from the Castra and was informed that while this was an important staging ground, if we beat CMDR Killgor by trial of arms then he did not deserve to lead and there would be no hard feelings regarding the Wolves losing North Stoke.

I put this to Tor and he challenged Killgor to a trial of arms, with quarter to be given. Should Tor win, then CMDR Killgor would give up his rank and the Wolves would vacate North Stoke. Should CMDR Killgor win, Tor would renounce his paladinhood to Bahamut. Tor agreed. Tor was struck down, but CMDR Killgor withheld the killing stroke so as to allow Tor to seek quarter, presuming that Tor would want to do so. Tor took the opportunity to strike CMDR Killgor instead, before being knocked unconscious. CMDR Killgor was of the opinion that as he had offered quarter and quarter had been refused, quarter would not be given and he would take Tor’s head. His blood price for not doing so was too high for our party to afford given the stakes in our current mission, so he killed Tor.

We then left North Stoke for Min Barom. En route, our priestess Eleanor used one of the scrolls of resurrection to bring Tor back. Curiously, his scales changed colour from brass to white, and I did not see him use any of his Bahamut-given abilities in the subsequent battle, though he was taciturn as to why he struck CMDR Killgor and what effect this action had upon him. In mid-afternoon a red dragon attacked the Valiant, incinerating Eleanor during the ensuing battle. Before Tor struck it down, the dragon demanded that we hand over our wealth in the name of ‘Serathastor’, presumably its master. Tor managed to use another scroll of resurrection to revive Eleanor, and we continued on to Min Barom, harvesting the dragon en route. We arrived just before nightfall and stayed in the Leaky Mule’s VIP suite.

Day 2 of Operation Queen’s Alliance of Convenience

We awoke to Tor’s absence, his Bag of Holding and Ring of the Ram, and a note explaining briefly that he had to go. It would appear that he has fallen and can't get up.

We split up, with most everyone going to meet with Min Barom's lord and myself going to recruit a pilot. I located the Pilot's Guild and found their sole remaining pilot, Cogline, being courted by a group of Efrians. After ferocious and unrelenting negotiation I beat their insulting offer of 10000gp with my own offer of 10100gp, this figure having been obtained from the Efrians' poorly guarded negotiation notes. The pilot did not take well to the Efrians' manner when they were informed of their loss, so he kicked them out of the guildhouse. I met up with the rest of the party, who had been successful in their audience with Min Barom's lord, and we proceeded into the tunnel systems to Thol Darum.

After 8 hours of twisting tunnels and rushing rapids, we arrived at Thol Darum. Vera had informed us that Thol Darum's canals were known for their clear, almost glowing water, and the city itself for its opulance. The city actually appeared to be afflicted with some manner of sickness, with the canals covered in fungal blooms and numerous seemingly plague-stricken homeless dwarves in the street. We were greeted by the harbourmaster and his guards, who had crazy eyes and hostile manners and who demanded to know whether we had come to steal their gold. They also wanted a docking fee to the tune of a thousand gold, the rat bastards.

En route to meet with the Orsaker Brighthammer, the Queen's godfather, we encountered a dwarf unlike the others who flocked Thol Darum's streets fearful of their own shadows, who asked to accompany us to meet Orsaker. He (Puvin Silvervein) informed us regarding the local power structure – the Lords of Gold, Stone, and War – and that our destination was the Temple of Moradin. We arrived at the temple and were granted entry by the Orsaker, who informed us the Efrian delegation had arrived well ahead of us but were essentially useless. We volunteered our services to end the plague and now the military's banging on the door and I'll have to cut some stupid idiot's head open agai

The handwriting on the report becomes decreasingly legible in the final paragraph


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