Vera Kt'Hundin

Youngish Dwarven Lass, with a loud mouth and a louder gun.


Young, blonde and brash, Vera is dwarf formerly of the Valarumite military service. She’s shaped by her people and her lifestyle, and enjoys a drink, a joke, a boast or a bet.

Vera is an artificer by trade, referenced by her beautifully made but almost entirely unadorned firearm at her side, and the abnormally high number of items of magical nature she’s able to utilise simultaneously.

At the moment her practical Valarum style armour is hidden beneath a fancy dark robe, embroidered with silver stars.


Formerly of the Valarumite Artificer’s Corp, Vera has left her homeland to seek adventure.

Falling in quickly with the Alliance of Convenience, she’s transferred her loyalty to the Queen’s mission to protect Tegria from the Ephrian invasions.

Vera Kt'Hundin

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