Oriandi's Guardian



See Sprite in the player handbook

One of the first beings OriandI encountered after fleeing from the black mist. In fact after meeting Relkath Longbranches Oriandi fell from a ditch in the woods and fell to a valley where a group of sprites were playing. Scary and confused it was Lyte that slowly approached Oriandi and offered a hand. From that moment on Lyte has been by Oriandi’s side. Showing her the ways of the Whispher Woods and the vowels they uphold.

“When a campfire is required, only dead limbs you may acquire”

However…. Lyte is a shy sprite when it comes to others that aren’t from the woods. In most instances Lyte hides in the safety of one of Oriandi pockets or invisibly sits on her shoulder whispering into her ear… which has lead to some cases of confusion by other observers.

The only other time Lyte has shown himself to outsiders was when Oriandi was wounded and was looked after by the Wolves of Castra Novus. It was there he aggressive hovering around bow at the ready.



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