Feanor Eleint

Prince in Exile, and won't shut up about it



Strigo – Strix (Fey Owl) Familiar

Magic Items
House Eleint Rapier (Lightning Tongue Rapier)


House Eleint is a house in exile, having lost their holdings in the Feywild to a spreading corruption when Feanor was a child. In the House’s retreat to the Prime Material Plane, Feanor’s mother, bearer of the house Moonblade, gave her life and her sword to allow the House to withdraw. Only the hilt was able to be recovered, which Feanor bears to this day. Since then House Eleint has lived in exile in Pescana, where they had meagre holdings prior to their relocation.

While House Eleint seems to have largely accepted their lives in exile, Feanor desperately wishes to go back to the Feywild, re-take the family holdings, avenge his mother, and re-forge the family Moonblade. This is made difficult, however, by the fact that House Eleint’s holdings are deep within the corruption, that there is little political will in Pescana to aid an exiled house reclaim their holdings in the Feywild, and that as the youngest member of his house, Feanor is not taken very seriously.

The Fall of House Eleint

Feanor Eleint

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