Lands of Astoria

Side Adventure: The Tales of Quinn Savage and Talon Brightwater Part 2

On the order of the Queen.

Quinn Savage and Talon Brightwater was finishing up the night in their tavern, The McGeachie Inn, when a cloaked figure entered through the door looking for them. The figure was a human woman who asked for them by name. Quinn offered to bed the stranger, and was put under a hold person spell. Talon tried to stop her, but was knocked to the floor, noticing the signet ring on her hand and realising that she belonged to the royal house of Termainee. Revealing herself as Queen Lucielle Alexandra Termainee III, the Queen informed the dynamic duo of a mission of great importance. She needed them to collect a crate of Residuum from Balthazar's Bazaar of Magical Goods and Sundries (for all your magical item needs), and covertly smuggle it out of the city via stolen airship and deposit it in the village of North Stoke, just at the border between Tegria and Valtarum. When asked why, the Queen only stated that another group of adventurers on a vital mission for Tegria would need it. For this mission, the pair were paid 5000gp, with 5000 more upon delivery. 

The two caught Sky Gondolas to Balthazar's and bought new magic weapons in order to gain the attention of the eponymous wizard. He supplied them with the crate of residuum and warned them not to expose it to magic, as this could detonate it. 

Talon then went to the docks to scout out a ship to steal. He identified a small cargo airship as being an easy target, when he drew the attention of his Thieves' Guild contact, Fingers. Fingers offered Talon and Quinn a job: to come to the docks and secure a crate of cargo which was to be brought in today. Talon surmised that Fingers was out to steal the same shipment that he and Quinn were meant to smuggle. Talon bluffed Fingers into thinking none the wiser, and declined the job. 

Talon and Quinn sought out guards costumes and then prepared to make a move on the docks. They paid a dockworker, Karl Goldsteen, to carry a fake crate onto the docks to draw the attention of Fingers' and his men. To their horror and dismay, they saw Karl as three arrows struck his chest, killing him. There, they saw Fingers and his men: a gladiator, an Efrian Knight, an an archer and a wizard. What was worse was that the nearby guards did nothing, evidently on Finger's employ. Talon and Quinn rushed into battle and used their disguises to intimidate the guards into fulfilling their duty. The Guards were quickly cuit down and Finger's shrewdly saw through their disguises. A fierce battle ensued, with Talon brutally cutting down Fingers, who slowly bled to death. The Wizard threw lightning bolts and fireballs, but luckily Talon and Quinn were able to withstand the magical onslaught. Quinn showed himself to be an exemplary warrior, as he weathered many a fierce blow with his shield and tough skin. Talon meanwhile used his new found Rogue abilities to deliver decisive damage to the enemy. The battle was soon won, and Talon and Quinn quickly made out of Ballinor in their stolen ship. 

They arrived in North Stoke and delivered the Residuum to Bartler, owner of the tavern and a former member of the Queensguard. He congratulated them and paid them the rest of their money. The pair rested for a while before setting off for their next adventure in the mysterious lands of Taikashi. 


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