Lands of Astoria

Session 5: Welcome to Ballinor City

The Trial of Frederik Von Pirn

The party awoke in Keep and spent several days preparing for their journey to the Tegrian capital of Ballinor. On the 5th day, an Airship from Ballinor arrived, The Valiant, and the party were beckoned to meet with Lord Darrington in his hall. It is revealed that the party will smuggle Frederik Von Pirn to the city aboard the airship while the Lord marches forth with his knights. 

After being attacked by a pack of wyverns, the party arrived in Ballinor and were met by the Lord High Justice and his retinue of Knights of Good and Knights of Tegria who escorted the prisoners. 

The party spent considerable amounts of time shopping. 

Toriandaxus learned that the Grandmaster of the Knights of Tegria has gone AWOL

The party arrived for the trial of Frederik Von Pirn, however halfway through he was supposedly murdered and the party was accused and locked up. They were later freed by Lord Darrington and Queen Lucielle who have charged them for a new quest: to head to the Dwarven and Elven kingdoms and secure alliances for the coming war. 

The Queen returned their gear, gifted them 50,000gp for expenses, provided 8x scrolls of raise dead and three scrolls of teleportation circle. She has also given them access to the Airship Valiant. The party made their escape from the city. 


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