Lands of Astoria

Session 3: Life and Death

The session begins with the party making their way from Woodpines on foot with a barge in tow. Once they escape the wintery weather, they hoist the barge into the flowing river without difficulty.

The party makes their way upriver to Orcwatch Tower with no incident. Ori's expert survival skills land them at the ideal habour.

The ranger Roth and his ursine companion conceal themselves in the swamp and make short work of the difficult terrain, serving as scouts for the party. They (undetected) discover a search party, using an arcane artefact to track the whereabouts of their Alliance. Roth and Crusher hasten back to the party to warn them of the oncoming attack.

The party take defensive positions and set up an ambush to catch their foes unawares before they are caught out. However, despite their terrain advantage and the element of surprise, combat is brutal. Crusher is slain. Cain reveals the unsavoury nature of his power. One of the mages escapes. Roth, utilising his limited magical abilities to their extent, is able to maintain sight of his quarry and sets off in pursuit, leaving the combat.

He is promptly blown to death in the explosion of a fireball spell.

Emerging victorious from the combat, the party is able to take a prisoner – Nora, the archer, mercenary of the Eagles of Langworthy. She agrees to trade a scroll of revivify (which she was expecting to use on her squadmates) and her intel in exchange for her life and all her gold. The party acquires two letters, meant for Frederik von Pirn (their target), indicating treason in the highest order.

George runs off to attend to the deceased Roth. In a show of holy power, Torian is able to use the scroll of revivify to restore Roth to life. Roth owes Torian the highest debt of honour. Through Roth, Crusher is also restored to life.

The party takes a long rest.

Sensing an incoming extraction party (mentioned in von Pirn's missive), the party hastens to Orcwatch Tower. Fifteen orcs stand guard at the ruined tower. Failing an engagement of deception, combat erupts. One orc escapes underground.When combat concludes, two orcs and an ogre are held prisoner. The rest (excluding the escapee) have been dispatched. 

The party peers down the entrance to the underground hideout. Von Pirn awaits below.


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