Lands of Astoria

Session 10: the Bloodgames

Presented by K'thriss Drowb and Alhoon Parry

Scene opens of an aerial shot of the drow arena

We see a packed crowd, mostly drow with the occasional Draegeloth, troglodyte or quasit pack in the crowd. A large purple worm sits in a section of the arena with a small booth seated beneath it, the two commentators – K’thriss Drowb, a drow warlock and Alhoon Parry the Mindflayer Arcanist.

Scene zooms out to show this image on a small magical screen in the commentator’s box

K’thriss: “Alright ladies and gentlemen it looks like the spider-screens are up and we are live here at the 75th bicentennial Blood games live from Lovely Menzoberranzan, the tournament is looking to be a short one with only 4 teams entered but from what we’ve heard the teams will have plenty of surprises for you folks today, but before we get into that why don’t we introduce ourselves, I’m K’thriss your regular deathsport commentator and joining me are a couple special guest commentators….”

* K’thriss looks towards Alhoon*

Alhoon: “Thanks K’thriss, a pleasure to be here for those who don’t rcognise me I am Alhoon Parry, I ussualy run things over at the Darkspire, it’ll be good to see how you folks handle it over here”

K’thriss: “Don’t worry Al I’m sure you’ll be in for a treat and behind me a face that regular fans of the bloodgames will be sure to remember – its last games champion Purple Worm!”

Camera feed pans up to purple worm

Purple Worm: “GRAAAAGGHROAGRAAAAAGH, SNAP, KRAAGGGHSSAAS!”(Thanks for having me, I Enjoy this food place!)

K’thriss: “Allrighty then now that’s sorted why don’t you introduce our lineup to the crowd Al”

Alhoon: “Gladly K’thriss, and boy this lineup a doosey, we’ll start with the hometeam, Lolths Fangs, easily the fan favourites this year they’ve been having a good run in the arena lately and I hear they’ve brought some fun surprises to today”

K’thriss: “Right you are, as usual Al though there was some disappointment when they announced their team captain the Wonderful Asha Vandree after she decided to take a vacation to the Mantol-Derith and her return was delayed by the Duergar. That does lead us to the next team of today the duergar StoneSplitters, a vicious band of battleragers and warmongers ready to split skulls aswell as stone.”

Alhoon: “Yeah they sound like a vicious bunch of dwarves and from what I hear there might be just as much excitement for their fights as the Fangs, though for very different reasons im sure”

K’thriss: “Certainly Al, infact most of the crowd was leaping from their seats when they were told we would see these two come up against each other and finally end the feud they’ve had for the past sixty years or so in the arena. But moving on we have two remaining teams in this year’s pool, both of them a bit of wildcards, first we have the Necromancer Kraztar Darkmagic and his fleshgolems, up against a ragtag band of surfacers, newly arrived in the underdark. Let’s start with Kraztar, Al what can you tell me about him, I hear hes been a crowd favourite over at the Darkspire lately”

Alhoon: “Why yes, he has been making quite a name for himself, they really love all the ticks he’s brought to the table in past fights and what else would you except for a wizard from the New Hampshire Darkmagics, Kraztar may be a bit of an outcast but he keeps their signature flair. Honestly im not even sure if will be much of a competition between him and the newcomers.”

K’thriss: “Now now Al, don’t be so quick I happen to have it on good authority that the surfacers may be tougher than they look, I have it on good authority they’ve managed to make a good impression on both the merchant and warrior house and if they made it all the way to Menzoberranzan on their own they must be good at surviving. But it looks like time for speculation is over Al, the gates are opening and our first fight is beginning”

screen in background shifts to view of the arena and the commentators turn towards it as the view zooms in

Party assembles around entrance to the arena, Kraztar is walked in on a palanquin by his Flesh Golems and lowered to the ground as they position themselves before him

K’thriss: “an impressive entrance by Kraztar, it looks like he came dressed to impressed and am I mistaken or is that robe what I think it is Al”

Alhoon: “You bet your wand it is, and Im sure any of our viewers magically inclined recognise that particular ace in the hole but let’s keep it a surprise for the rest of the crowd”

K’thriss: “I wouldn’t have it any other way Al.”

Bell rings out as the battle starts

Kraztar waves a cloud of dark glittery mist over himself then disappears from view immedietly

K’thriss: “Strong Start from Kraztar, it’s going to be interesting to see how they deal with that one”

George, ‘Fighter’, Mystic and Druid run forward, Tayis and Ori split to different sides of arena to look out for wizard and summon a Panther

Alhoon: “Sure enough but s you said the newcomers look to have a plan, they obviously know what each of them should be doing and Kraztar will have to be wary if they can keep someone on the lookout for him and summon their own allies.”

Gloomy summons lightning and buffs golems

K’thriss: “oooh a rooky mistake from the druid there, obviously that druids never dealt with flesh golems and that is going to cost them.”

Flesh Golems charge forward, one falls in a pit

K’thriss: “Luckily for him those golems are not the brightest servants available so that may even them out a bit”

Sudden necromantic explosion in the centre of area


Alhoon: “Yes but it’s a risky play by Kraztar allowing his golems to be hit in that blast he won’t be able to keep that up if he wants to have some guards around”

Legion Leaps over the golems and onto Kraztars side of the arena, meanwhile the rest of the party begins to lay into the golems and Gloomy summons some flame, Tayis flys over the pit and gets ready to shoot Kraztar again

Alhoon: “Looks like the newcomers are showing their fangs, between the fire and their magic weapons I’m sure they’ll make quick work of the golems and obviously the newcomers share that sentiment with some of them already keeping an eye out for Kraztar”

K’thriss: “Like I said before Al anything that can make it to the Underdark is going to hold its own in the arena”

Poisonous cloud is released over the party and golems

Alhoon: “As excpected though Kraztar is not letting up and now that the irons hit the anvil he’s giving his minions the advantage on the field with a classic necromancy favourite cloudkill”

K’thriss: “definitely one of the many advantages of undead minions is that they are just so lolth-damn resilient. But this does leave him open to attack from the other team.”

Tayis misses a shot at Kraztar

K’thriss: “But I get the feeling he’s not that worried for now”

‘Fighter’ charges forward, Legion leaps in front of Kraztar and begin attacking him. Tayis takes a shot at him after dipping in the pit, but he escapes mostly unharmed

K’thriss: “To be fair though these newcomers are making wonderful use of the terrain but it seems magic is trumping skill for now”

George retreats to Ori for healing, Golems charge after Gloomy and Vera, Vera is knocked unconscious and tossed into the pit

Alhoon: “And it seems things are going pretty poorly for the rest of them, they better hope their friends can finish Kraztar quickly if they want to see the end of the fight”

Kraztar pulls out a wand of lighting and blasts ‘Fighter’, Legion and Tayis

K’thriss: “Boy howdy Al you were right when you said he had flair, I haven’t seen a wand quick draw like that since Octavious the Octomancer”

Legion blasts the wizard back against the wall almost killing him and impaling him on spikes

Alhoon: “As always though he should have been more careful, those necromancers have a habit of getting too cocky”

K’thriss: “Let’s see if it’s not too late for him to learn that lesson today!”

Tayis runs forward ready to ambush the wizard once he steps out again, rest of the party continue blasting the golems

Kraztar lifts himself a bit off the spikes then rips a star from his cloak then blasts Legion with magic missiles, He gets blasted 9 times and he goes down Boromir style but is saved by some last second healing words

a small dart is shot from the crowd and finishes him undetected

K’thriss: “Another excellent display of how quickly things can turn around in the arena, and a mighty last show of force from Kraztar but in the end it was not his day.”

Alhoon: “Such a shame to see a good wizard die, but hell serve as a reminder to other aspiring arcanists, don’t let your enemies get close.”

*Other fight happens off screen *

K’thriss: “Welcome back viewers, hope you enjoyed the break because its time to get onto our thrilling finale of the 75th bicentennial Blood games, with me is Alhoon Parry, and unfortunately, or fortunately as some might view it, our second guest commentator will be unavailable for the finale as due to the double elimination during the second bout he has returned to the arena to defend his title”

Alhoon: “Certainly a day of upsets, who knows we may even see a new champion at the end of the day. Ha Ha!”

K’thriss: “Ha Ha, Yeah let’s get down to it Al and see if these up and comers have what it takes to take home the prize! Let’s get down to it folks!”

Party enters the arena and spreads out awaiting Purple Worm

Puprle Worm Rolls out to the stage and the bell tolls

George and Legion charge the worm and begin slicing into it, Vera and Gloomy unleash lightning and gunshots at the worm

Alhoon: “I must admit you were right earlier today when you said not to underestimate these newcomers, they certainly excel at destruction.”

*Tayis tries to drop spider box in the worms mouth but misses sending spiders all over the field. *

K’thriss: “True but it seems some may be more suited than most.”

Ori blasts the worm with her eldritch blasts

Worm attacks George and Legion, missing Legion and unable to swallow George

K’thriss: “It seems luck is on their side today though, or Purple Worms just a little rusty after his early retirement!”

Alhoon: “Who knows maybe he’s still a little full after eating my former colony last week. That much illithid must take a while to digest”

K’thriss: “Ooph! I’m sorry to hear about your colony!”

Alhoon: “Don’t be K’thriss, I was kicked out centuries ago for being a wizard, and those brain suckers frankly deserved it!”

Party continues to attack the worm and Tayis drops down on it

K’thriss: “Not exactly elegant but they certainly are tenacious”

Alhoon: “You can say that again K’thriss”

worm attacks again and stings Legion, almost taking him down

Alhoon: “And there it is the famous Purple Worm Poison we’ve all heard so much about.”

K’thriss: “Just look at that man, he’s stumbling like a Quaggoth who ran into a Gas Spore, thankfully for him Purple Worm is not looking good!”

Party continues to swarm Purple Worm and finish him off

K’thriss: “What a show Ladies and Gentlemen, certainly a display like this only comes along every few bloodgames, Any last words Al”

Alhoon: “At this point im not sure what else needs to be said, we saw a lot tonight and it was an honor to sit here and bring the entertainment out to all you fine folk watching this on the Web. Thank You!”

K’thriss: “Couldn’t have put it better myself Al, from the Westrift Aren in Menzoberranzan this is K’thriss Drowb and Alhoon Parry signing off!”



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