The Alliance of Convenience

The Alliance of Convenience is a band of adventurers which formed in the town of Keep in the summer of 1663 M.E (Mortal Era) to investigate strange occurrences in one of the town's mines.  

The Alliance Consists of: 

  • George Madoc, Half Orc Ranger-Beserker, member of The Wolves of Castra Novus and enemy of the Von Pirns.
  • Cain, Aasimar Warlock of an Amnesiac Patron
  • Eleanour Weaver, Cleric of Pelor seeking justice against Lord Jarvis Fitzwilliams
  • Heskan H'nn, middle aged Dragonborn Sorcerer of the Order of the Metallic and squire to Toriandaxus
  • Oriandl, Gnome Warlock trying to fix the darkness which has found a way into the Whisperwoods. 
  • Tayis, Human Rogue looking to improve his skills, master his abilities and gain powerful items. 
  • Toriandaxus Balasar, Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut and Knight of the Brotherhood of the Metallic, attempting to restore the Brotherhood to their glory. 
  • Roth Abacar, Human Noble Ranger trying to restore his family's keep alongside his faithful bear Crusher (Peaches to those who know her) 
  • Tobryn, Human Wizard from a noble family in Ballinor, seeking to do some good and develop his magical skills. 


Party Funds: 

Party Resources: 

  • 9x Riding Horses stabled in Woodpines 
  • 1x "Borrowed" River Barge (30ft x 60ft) 


  • Lord Edmure Darrington, Lord of Keep 
  • Captain Kerus, Publican of the Drunken Fish in Woodpines


  • Frederik Von Pirn 
  • Baron Ignatius Thorn? 

The Alliance of Convenience

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