NPCs of note

Lands of Astoria – NPCs

Wolves of Castra Novus 
Gorthron Jagren – Leader of the Wolves of Castra Novus 
Everan Longstrider – Elven Ranger, Wolf of Castra Novus 
Jim – Sorcerer, Wolf of Castra Novus 
Brick – Alchemist, Wolf of Castra Novus
Savali – Cleric of the Raven Queen, Wolf of Castra Novus 
Brom – Barbarian, Wolf of Castra Novus
Nori – Dwarf, Wolf of Castra Novus 
Sneaky Pete – Rogue, Wolf of Castra Novus

Fey Creatures:
Broggath – Lord of the Bears
Mr White – Pixie Lord
Relkath Longbranches – Arch Fey of the Whisperwoods

Noble Families: 
-    Torvash Karbarea, Chairman of the Council 
-    Ellad & Elro (twins), adversaries of Feanor. 

Lord High General King Tannis Alexander Termainee II 
Lord-Baron Von Pir – Hand of the King
Lady Sara Th’Astor, Chief Advisor to the King
Commander Kruhl, Commander of Efrian Military
Arch Confessor Markiov, Efrian Religious Leader
Pietr Von Pirn, deceased. 
Victor Von Pirn, Noble Lord of the Territories near the border
Frederik Von Pirn, deceased. 
Mr Fist, Half Orc Monk
Mr Skinner, Tiefling Assassin, presumed dead. 

Sir Hubert the Brave, Master at Arms of Keep
Holt Burgess – Dwarf Miners Guild Foreman, Keep
Lord Jarvis Fitzwilliams – former lord of Avonshire, Efrian conspirator
Lord/Baron Eiderick Thorn – former lord of Woodpines, Efrian conspirator
Lord Timber – former lord of Woodpines, deceased. 
Lord Adren Darrington – Lord of Keep 
Sir Harold Hightower, Knight Commander of the Knights of Good
Sir Karvan Barker, Lord High Justice of Tegria 
Sir Leonora Keenblade, Knight Commander of the Queensguard
Arch-Cardinal Bishop Pyre, leader of the church of Pelor
Balthazar Brightwater, Wizard & Businessman
Biggs & Wedge, former Efrian soldiers turned guards at Grovemount Keep. 

Orsaker Brighthammer – Council Member of the Dwarf Council, Godfather to the Queen and King
Lord Harskan Gatekeeper – Lord of Min Barom 

Shinzo Dashganna, Drow Businessman
House Orrand – Warriors
House Vashna – Priestesses
House Dashganna – Merchants 
House Neshgarna – Slavers 

Karlax, Red Dragon Wyrmling encountered in Keep mines. 
Champions of the Silverhorn – Ancient Heroes of Astoria
Yaggathor – Ancient Aboleth, deceased. 
Mr Shitaki, Owner of the Lonely Death Tavern in the Underdark
Toriandaxus – Former PC, Dragonborn Paladin 
Heskan H’nn – Former PC, Dragonborn Sorcerer/Sailor 
Eleanour Weaver- Former PC, Pelor Cleric


NPCs of note

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