Astoria is a high magic setting, with its history having been shaped by magical creatures over many, many years. In the cities of the world, spellcasters are common and readily provide their services. There is generally a magic shop available that can sell newly created magic items. There are also ancient magic items which lie dormant in ruins waiting to be discovered. 


Magic Items: Both new and old exist. 

Arcane Casters: Receive their powers through study and learning. 

Nature Casters: harness the natural magic in the land; the power which ebbs and flows in every living thing. 

Divine Casters: receive their powers from their god. Failure to follow their God's tenants will result in a loss of their powers until penance is made. 

Divine Intervention: the Gods are active and involved in the lives of mortals. 

Resurrections: are possible through divine magic. 


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