The Period of Darkness: 

Before any of the great empires rose, the world was ruled by demonic and abberant creatures that roamed the land. Demons, Devils, Beholders, Aboleths and Krakens fought among themselves and preyed on lesser beings. Eventually the Gods of the Giants rose up and sent these creatures to the darkest, deepest corners of the world.

The Giant Empire:

The Giants of Astoria created the first, great Empire known. They used the enslaved chromatic Dragons to assist them in the construction of mighty citadels and cities. The Giants were ruled through a strict caste system, with the Storm Giants at the top. The Giant Empire rose out of the period of darkness. The Giant Empire was eventually overthrown when the Chromatic Dragons rose up, lead by Tiamat, against their masters. The key to the Dragon's success was their ability to beguile the mortal races as their foot soldiers. 

The Draconic Empire

The Draconic Empire was the greatest period of civilisation in Astoria which was built on the slave labour of the mortal races. It rose upon the ashes of the Giant Empire, which was overthrown by Tiamat and the Chromatic Dragons. The Draconic Empire was the domain of the Chromatic Dragons. The Metallic Dragons lived in a now lost continent, where they lived with their mortal cousins. The Draconic Empire consisted of grand cities and citadels where the Dragons kept their vast treasure hordes and held council. 

The Current Age

Astoria was freed from the rule of the Draconic Empire when Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, gathered a host of metallic dragons to liberate the lands from the Chromatic Dragons under Tiamat. Bahamut was successful, but had to give his life in defense of the lesser races. When he died, his soul was blessed and he ascended to Godhood. The war of the Dragons laid waste to the land, and destroyed the former Draconic Empire. With his ascension, Bahamut elevated the metallic dragons to a higher plane of existence to act as his heralds. Similarly, the chromatic dragons were smote among the lands and killed, entombed under the earth. 


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