Brotherhood of the Metallic

Brotherhood of the Metallic


The Brotherhood of the Metallic was formed shortly after the reign of the chromatic dragons was ended. A group of dragonborn zealous in their devotion to Bahamut, decided that their race had shown great cowardice in not rebelling against the dragons and great weakness in being defeated and disarmed anyway. As such they declared that the dragonborn must prove themselves worthy to walk this world. This could only be done through acts of great courage, valor, and justice. They quickly proved that Bahamut approved of them when they developed a divine ritual known as the Vigil. Performed by those that wished to become knights, the ritual caused the scales of a dragonborn to change to a metal color that matched their new rank, and gave them the choice of altering their breath weapon in the same way or keeping that which they had grown up with. 

However dragonborn are a proud race and most refused to believe that they were weak. Still, at the beginning, the Brotherhood of the Metallic proved a boon to the dragonborn and as such their ranks initially swelled. Eventually though, the number of dragonborn joining the Brotherhood began to dwindle as they set themselves up as a race. As such, the Brotherhood began to recruit members from other races that also felt shame that their ancestors toiled under the dragons. These new recruits colored their armor and weapons in order to imitate the effects of the Vigil.

Many years have passed though, and the Brotherhood is a shadow of its former self. While it still enjoys the support of the Church of Bahamut, its numbers have dwindled to less than a hundred.

Most members of the Brotherhood are largely independent and free roaming, answering only to the Grandmaster that leads them. Some however choose to work in groups or stay at their temple in Tiagra to tend to any who come to them.


  • The Grandmaster

    • Always a dragonborn
    • Platinum scales
    • Breath weapon is radiant
    • Forsakes all earthly ties to take the position


  • The Knights of Good

    • The Knights of Good and the Brotherhood of the Metallic are often at odds each other, even to the point of conflict. However this is not due to disagreements, but rather a friendly competition to do more good than each other. This often leads to them essentially bidding against each other or even fighting for the chance to help others.
  • The Wolves of Castra Novus

    • The Brotherhood of the Metallic has mixed feelings about the Wolves of Castra Novus, but ultimately have decided to keep their distance. A few occurrences of cooperation or conflict have arisen over the years but they rarely last.


  • Tegria
  • Church of Bahamut

Number of Members:

  •  93 at last count.


  • Squire

    • No particular color for armor or scales
    • Numbers dwindling due to lack of belief in the Brotherhood.


  • Knight

    • Brass coloured armour or scales


  • Knight-Sergeant

    • Polished Steel coloured armour or scales


  • Knight-Errant

    • Copper coloured armour or scales


  • Knight-Exemplar

    • Bronze armour or scales


  • Commander

    • Silver armour or scales


  • Lord Commander

    • Golden armour or scales


  • Grand master

    • Platinum armour or scales.

Brotherhood of the Metallic

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