Sovali "The Wise" Devarios


Born to a well off merchant family Sovali spent most of his life following the normal progression for one of his birth, He was trained in the way of the gem trade and business management. In his time his families business thrived thanks to his keen insight and skillful negotiation combined with the efforts of his brother who managed their supply and explored the land on a range of archeological and geological expeditions.

During a period of economic stability he decided to join his brother on one of his expeditions into the desert, as much a vacation of sorts as a chance to connect with his brother who so often spent his time away. It was during this expedition that Sovali found something that changed his life forever. While the initial prospects of the expedition were fairly reserved while exploring the ruins of an ancient temple they found an oddly well preserved book among the rubble. Later that evening he was visited by strange dreams of faraway places and a whispered message to seek these places out and uncover their mysteries.

After discussing the strange happenings with his brother the next day they both decided that whatever this was it was an important task, and so while they finished their expedition they planned his departure ad the handing off of the business to his brothers control. Since then he has traveled and explored the world gaining more knowledge about the one who set him on this path – the Raven Queen.

In time he found his way to the Wolves of Castra Novus and set in with them for a time to rest, gain allies and train his martial prowess for journeys into the dangerous parts of the world.

Sovali "The Wise" Devarios

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