Sir Ruben of Sandwich (NPCeeded)

Laugh with the light, dance against the darkness


Character Sheet
Sir Ruben Hightower


A piece of crystal that faintly glows in the moon light


Noble- Knight

Bring the Light back to the old kingdom (Tegria and Efria)

Magic Items
Mithral Splint Armour


Sir Ruben grew up in Keep, the land of the cold, strong and the brave.

As a child, Ruben was always fascinated by the tales of the mountains, Especially when his uncle Sir Hebert was in town. Very earlier on he decided to try and follow in his uncle’s footsteps.

The Training was tough, but his might was stronger, and at the age of 14 he took part in his first expedition as Sire Heberts Squire.

On his sixteenth birthday, As part of the family tradition, he was presented with a engrave maul of Hightower and was allowed to go out into the world as he saw fit. With his Maul on his back, he joined with Slayers Guild.

For two years Ruben took part in the cleansing of the mountain ranges, fighting wolves, spiders, trolls. Then one shining morning, War was declared. Which put everyone in strife but Ruben needed to head out the eastern border to clear a rising infestation in Old Ilum Mine

The journey itself was plain as usual, the lads tended to sing to pass the days along these mountain trails. However what was not ordinary was seeing another party ahead of us entering the Ilum Mine. Stranger still was the fact they were Efrians.

A Battle pursued…

However, while we were bricking, we forget at the reason we were heading out the Old Ilum Mine and these things burrowed…

The battle didn’t last long and during the fight, Ruben fell down one of the tunnels the creatures made he remembers landing with a squish.

When he came to, the first thing is to say was nothing but the pale light of the moon, the next thing he saw was bodies half gnawed, he then felt the pain in his leg, something was not right.

But then he heard a cough and a mage light appeared. Above him was a man, similar to his age but he was no friend of Ruben, pointed at him was a barrel of an Efian’ pistol.

Long story short, they came to an impasse, Ruben knew the way back to civilization, but could not carry himself, the Efria could leave him but did not know the way.

So they followed the cave they had found themselves in, wary of the bugs, creeps, and shadows they confronted them. Along the way, Ruben began to learn more of James and began to realize that while they may be Efrian and Tegrian, they are both humans.

They all shed the same blood. All feared the one darkness and all shared the same love.
Why should I fear my fellow man when there are greater threats to our existence?
That night the light of their diminishing camp fire grew brighter, and the light went straight in Rubens’ eyes it showed him a way to bring back peace to the land, to remain strong in adversity and enjoy good, beauty and love that life is.

Eventually, the underground tunnel opened to a massive passage and they realized they had made their way to the no mans the land of Gatehouse. It is here that they parted, bestowing gifts of reminder on each other and vowed to meet along the mountain ranges again. As Ruben entered the Tegrian’s Gatehouse he was fortunate that members of the slayers were garrisoned in the walls. He was briefly checked and then sent back to Keep.

As he entered the sun for the first time in a month it felt glorious, beautiful and needed to be shared by all in existence.

Sir Ruben of Sandwich (NPCeeded)

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