Relkath Longbranches

Archfey and Lord of the Whisperwoods.


Relkath Longbranches is an archfey who resides in the Wisperwoods: a sprawling forest in between Tegria and Pescana. He is also the last remaining Treant in existance. Relkath has defended the woods since time began, and tells stories of his battles against Demons, Giants and Dragons. Relkath cares for all creatures big and small, so long as they do not enter his woods looking to cut down trees or harm the animals. He has an agreement with the Wolves of Castra Novus, whereby they can occupy a castle within his domain. They have had to swear that they would not hunt or cut down trees in the woods, and have agreed to follow Relkath to war if he should call for them.

Relkath has a Dwarven Greataxe embedded in his side. He says that it once belonged to a very old Dwarf he got into a fight with named Fargrim. He almost considered killing the Dwarf, who had wondered into the woods and tried to cut down trees for his firewood, when he saw a pained look in the Dwarf’s eyes. A look which Relkath had seen in his own. It was the look of someone who knew they were the very last. Relkath sat down and spoke to the Dwarf. Their conversation lasted three months and at the end, the pair found that they enjoyed eachother’s company. An so, Fargrim the Dwarf became the scion of Relkath and joined him in defending the Whisperwoods against any who would do it harm. Fargrim often meets travellers in the woods and teaches them how to gather firewood from fallen branches, and how to find fruits, berries and nuts to live off of.


Relkath Longbranches

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