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Character Sheet

Trinket 76
A four-leaf clover pressed inside a book discussing manners and etiquette

Forest Gnome


Find a way to end the Black Mist

Magic Items
Grey Bag of Tricks
Journeyman book (Queen)

Equipment on Death
1x Bag of Financial Aid
PP 1490
GP 8069
SP 21690
CP 6090
EL 360
3x Vial Balsik Venom

1x Vial Dehydrated Water
1x Vial Purple Worm Poison
1x Vial Dragon Blood
5x Potions of Climbing

1x Scroll Raise Dead
1x Scroll Contact Other Plane
1x Messenger Stone (Queen)

1x Potion Supreme Healing
2x Potion Superior Healing
5x Potion Greater Healing
16x Potion Regular Healing

1x Dragon Slaying Dagger
1x Dragon Slaying Arrow
1x Climbing Kit
1x 50ft rope
1x Dragon Fang Necklace

1x Twist Staff
1x Dagger
1x Bag of Tricks (gray)
1x Common Clothes
1x Glamour Studded Leather (Gnome Size)
1x Flute
1x Herbalism Kit


The night of Terror
Oriandi once lived in a simple gnome hamlet that was formed on the River Delta next to the WispherWoods. It was a simple life, a happy life until the terror came. The hamlet was celebrating a 12th birthday when the screams started. She remembers her father and mother heading to the front of the house. There was then a yell from dad and a slamming of the front door. Her mother then came back, grabbed the ktichen knives and lead us to the rear window. Undoing the latch she and told us to run and hide until noon-time tomorrow. Jumping out Oriandi broke into dead sprint… it was only when she enter a field of thorny-tacks (a common weed that can be hard to see but tack it’s seeds and thorns on to you) that she paused and looked back. The Village was covered in a strange black mist, it so thick that only the strongest of lights made a faint glimmer in the distance. Yet to her ears she could hear cries, screams and the occasional clash of steel.

But the mist seem to be spreading stragnely in fact as she was watching the village she saw other friends also trying to run from the hamlet. But became overtaken by the mist. Fearing as the mist began to rise to the thronytacks she ran deeper into the woods.

The Blind Forest
Oriandi was lost. She hadn’t eaten in a day, drank since this morning and ever time she looked around she feared the mist was right behind her. She was also tired and need to sleep… So Orandi went in search for a tree that could shelter her. When she found a mighty fig with buttresses that would conceal her, she made her self comfortable and said “thank you”…. she didn’t expect the tree to reply “your welcome”

That was the day Oriandi met Relkath Longbranches. and it was also the day she was offered protection. Since then there have been twenty-five blossoms of the Fey Gold flower (an annual plant). Oriandi has been wandering the whisper woods and keeping the the plants and animals in check. She has taken particular pride in combining fruits and nuts to make colourful potions much to the dismay of a sprite that has been accompanying her. Lyte is his name.

Her other favourite past time has been her trickery on would be hunters and loggers. Often giggling in the woods as she made sure the forest kept safe. Making the loggers axe disappear or deceiving hunters with easy prey, Once she even fooled and grumpy dwarf. All of her illusions have been benign. However when she found the encampment of the Wolves of Castra Novus they were strange. Not only were they not hurting the forest, they seem to understand the rules in place. Strangerer still was their customs and manners, they would always be in groups and made and cheer each time a party returned. They slept above the ground and thought it was best to live in a place of cut stone. Longbranches told her to leave them be but that just made her more curious.

A Hollow Sight
While stalking the Wolves of Castra Novus on their way to camp. That Oriandi noticed something was missing. Looking around she didn’t know what was wrong till she heard it… the woods were completely silent. Then she saw it… in the corner of her eye a faint shadow waving in the ferns… but it was not a shadow it was a mist, a black mist.

As if the mist knew it was detected it suddenly expanded ,covering the encampment. Their was then crys as figures rose from the mist. Garnled and twisted they seem to be able to grow and size and strenght but somehow they were familiar… almost gnomish. It was only when one of them was in open ground did Oriandi realise, they were once her old friends… the ones that she saw consumed by the mist on the night of terror.

It was only as the first men fell did Oriandi awake from her daze. The wolves were friends of the woods, not these mist hollow creatures. Springing from her cover Oriandi entered the field with rage, rage she used to project her protectors wrath.
As the illusion of Arch-Fey was able to scared most of the creatures, still some remained and now that Oriandi was revealed, they decided to overwhelm her. However as this happen Oriandi’s magic changed shrinking from the illusion it began crackling as engrey around her staff. Pointing her staff towards the hollow ones a crackling of purple energy was released, scorching the husk that was once a friend. This was the first time Oriandi casted an offensive spell.

However there were too many creature of the mist for Oriandi to fight causign her to fall with grevious wounds, but thankfully her distraction was all the time the Wovles needed to reassemble and with their actions the creatures were slain and the mist slowly draped away.

The next time Oriandi woke up Lyte was fluttering nerviously around her… sitting up she saw herself in a stone room… confused she was about to try to walk when George Madoc entered. After introductions and an explanation of what happened a few days ago. Oriandi was allowed to leave the camp but was welcomed to enter at any time and she did. She has began to walk with the Wolves while they are on their patrols, if she find them.

The Origin
After the events of the Black Mist on the wolves camp, Oriandi went in search of Relkath for guidance, along the way she found traces of the mist hiding in the forest. When she did find the Arch Fey he told her of the danger this mist presented…. that it was getting stronger that it was different than before and that the forest was now endangered. Fearing for the woods and her home she asked what she could do to stop this. In return Relkath told her that, while he must remain here and strength the woods, he felt the mist first enter the whisper woods from the West, so to the East of the Whisper woods Oriandi must go. There she might find the origins of the Black Mist.

With this quest Oriandi decided that she needed help, someone who has been outside the Whisper Woods, someone to guide her, someone that could get mad about this… she similed as she know exactly who to talk to.


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