Eleanor Weaver

Healer and hero of Knightsbridge


The young healer

Eleanor has always been one for bucking tradition. Born into a family of wealthy cloth merchants in Knightsbridge, it was expected she would follow in their footsteps.

Instead, Eleanor discovered a talent for healing and natural remedies, and, at age 15, entered the temple of Pelor (a vital deity for a farming community), as an initiate. She nurtured these skills over the next few years, and became a respected figure in Knightsbridge. Eleanor always preferred natural medicine, and so divine healing was beyond her remit… until Lord Jarvis arrived in town…

The Cruelties of a Lord

12 months ago, Knightsbridge was scandalised when their lord, Sir Aelfred Munro, was arrested for treason. Lord Jarvis Fitzwilliam, his accuser, was appointed Earl instead. Although charming in court, Lord Jarvis ruled with an iron fist – levying exhorbitant taxes, while also closing Knightsbridge’s farmers’ market. Although Eleanor and the other initiates at Pelor’s temple tried their best, Knightsbridge began to wither…

Eight months ago, on a dark and stormy night, an elderly retainer from Avon Castle staggered into the temple, wounded beyond saving. Before he died in Eleanor’s arms, he managed to gasp a message – that Jarvis was not the loyal servant of the Crown he appeared to be…

In this moment, Eleanor saw a way to save her people. She began her own investigation – making inquiries, finding people who may have been involved in Sir Aelfred’s arrest, or were still loyal to the old lord. Gradually, she became convinced Lord Jarvis was a traitor, with his loyalty bought by Efrian gold.

The Healer of Knightsbridge

However, Eleanor’s investigation remained secondary to her main role – protecting and healing her community. In the months following Lord Jarvis’ appointment, Eleanor and the other initiates at the temple of Pelor did their best to protect Knightsbridge from the new Earl’s worst excesses. With her calm, determined personality, Eleanor quickly became a leadership figure in her community…

It was during a meeting with Lord Jarvis at Avon Castle that Eleanor realised many of his handpicked men were, in fact, Efrian – a fact he had taken great lengths to disguise. To Eleanor, this all but confirmed her suspicions. However, her behaviour during this meeting also alerted Lord Jarvis to the fact Eleanor was on the verge of uncovering his secret.

A Divine Intervention

Events escalated rapidly. Soon after returning from Avon Castle, Eleanor was caught up in a protest against Lord Jarvis’ taxation. When the Earl arrived, with a group of soldiers in tow, the protest quickly became a riot, despite Eleanor’s efforts to calm the crowd.

This gave Lord Jarvis a perfect excuse to eliminate Eleanor. The riot was quickly suppressed by his soldiers, and the ring leaders, including Eleanor, were dragged to a makeshift gallows in front of the temple of Pelor. But as Eleanor felt the noose tighten, the rope snapped. While some say the hemp was rotten, others swear a beam of light arced from a temple window, burning the rope around Eleanor’s neck.

Pelor had spoken, and the crowd surged forwards. In the confusion, Eleanor made her escape, and, with Pelor’s divine radiance now surging through her, she set off for Ballinor… to exhonerate her lord and save her community, or die trying…

Eleanor Weaver

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