Queen Lucielle Alexandra Termainee III

The Young Queen, Regent of Tegria.


Queen Lucielle Alexandra Termainee III, First Lady of Ballinor, Regent Supreme of the Platinum Throne, Bearer of the Holy Light of Pelor, Knight Commander of the Knights of Tegria, Defender of the Faith, Wielder of the Sword of Bahamut, Monarch of Tegria.

Queen Lucielle is the reigning monarch of Tegria, having ascended to the Throne on her 9th Birthday after the tragic and sudden death of her parents King Cyric and Queen Cilene. Her twin brother, Lord High General King Tannhis Alexander Termainee II, is the reigning leader in the neighbouring kingdom of Efria. The two have not seen eacherother since Tannhis left Tegria to rule.

Queen Luecielle is a much loved Queen among her people, and is generally regarded as a fair and evenhanded monarch, if somewhat inexperienced as she is only 19. She has a loyal council of advisors who assist her in matters of state, although some of her staunchest allies believe that there are those in her court who would manipulate her.


Queen Lucielle Alexandra Termainee III

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