Lands of Astoria

Side Adventure: The Tales of Quinn Savage and Talon Brightwater, part 1.

Big Heist in little Keep

The following events take place six months before the main adventure. 

QUINN SAVAGE, a half-orc Barbarian Tegrian war vet who never found his feet after the war, and TALON BRIGHTWATER, a keen wood elf Monk with criminal connections, were sitting in the Two Tiger's Inn drinking away the last of their gold. Suddenly, Talon suggested using his criminal contact, Fingers, to find them a paying gig. After making his mark with a stone in the alleyway, the party were soon met by Fingers, who told them of a score that could be incredibly lucrative for everyone involved. The job involved a shipment of coin that Gerhardt, the General Store owner, was keeping in a hidden warehouse. If Talon and Quinn could find the location of the warehouse, they could sneak in, dispatch the guards and make off with the coin. In return, they would have a 50/50 split with Fingers. 

Quinn went into Gerhardt's store and began sussing out the place, pretending to inquire about a broken wagon. When this failed, Talon sneaked into the store and threw a lantern against a stack of tin cans, distracting Gerhardt. Using this opportunity, Talon snuck behind the counter and lifted a sack of gold, set of keys and business ledger before heading into the back room. In the back he found a shipping crate with the address still on it, and dozens of bottles of 1000 year old Elven wine (of which he took three). With Gerhardt and his guard Gorion alerted, Talon headed upstairs to make his escape. Unable to open the chest in Gerhardt's room, he smeared poo from the toilet on his bed and then jumped out of the window, managing to vanish into the streets. Quinn was accused by Gerhardt and questioned by the guards, who later found there was no evidence to convict. Quinn and Talon had learned that the warehouse was hidden in mine 27. 

Enacting the second stage of their plan, Talon and Quinn set about purchasing a donkey and wagon as an escape vehicle. Going to the local stables, they were conned into buying a donkey bred from prize race donkey stock (Tegria does not race donkeys) and a Mark 3 Lightning Bolt Wagon (no such brand exists). Luckily, Quinn's natural charisma meant that he was able to negotiate to a price where they were only slightly ripped off. 

Talon went to investigate the mines and ran into the foreman, Dunbar. Dunbar was down on his luck after a nasty divorce and responded well to Talon's politeness. Talon organised to bribe Dunbar with enough gold to take a holiday in the capital of Ballinor if he helped them sneak their cart into mine 27. He agreed and they returned that night, with Quinn having taught the Donkey to come when whistled, sit on command and enter into a Donkey Rage. 

Working their way into the mines, Talon and Quinn quickly found the strong room where the loot was kept and dispatched of the 10 guards within. Quinn used his barbarian strength to rip the doors off of the strong room and to break the locks on the chests. They loaded the loot onto the wagon and made good their escape, profiting 3000gp and 10000sp. Having decided to keep their word with Fingers, they gave him his cut of the gold. So impressed with their work, and needing someone capable to run his new venture in Ballinor, Fingers offered Talon and Quinn the deeds to McGeachie's Pub in Ballinor (partially a money laundering business) and told them that he and the guild would be in contact soon. 

Talon, Quinn and Donkey rode into the sunset drinking 1000 year old Elvish wine. 


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