Lands of Astoria

Session 4: Catacombs of Orcwatch Tower

To capture a Von Pirn

The party rested for a moment in the ruins of Orcwatch Tower, having just dispatched the Orcs of the Bloodspear clan who had been guarding it. They thought momentarily what to do with their Ogre captive, when an elvish arrow struck the beast in back of the head, killing it. This introduced the party to the elvish ranger, Firlawyn. George Madoc spent considerable time interrogating the Orc prisoners to discover details about the catacombs below and the disposition of enemy forces. He then began to instruct them on a plan to get rid of the Orcish forces still below. This took sometime to teach to the prisoners, but eventually the party had to move ahead. 

Descending into the catacombs, the party was confronted by two doors. From one door they could smell roasted giant rat which suggested that Orcs were present. Leading his captive through the door, George entered and attempted to arrange for the Orcs' departure from catacombs. This was successful until the issue of the Orc Chieftain's chest came up. Unwilling to lose the chest, George successfully convinced the Orcish guards to flee, leaving only the War Chief and his Orog brother to fight. The Orcs were dispatched with some effort and Toriandaxus temporarily had his powers revoked by Bahamut after he slew a defensless Orog. Inside the chest was 200gp and 6 Potions of Greater Healing. 

The party traveled through a trapped room containing a pit trap, sliding staircase and animate archer statues. They found their way to another set of two doors, one containing Frederik Von Pirn and associates. A fierce battle ensued against Von Pirn and his associates Mr Skinner, Mr Fist, and Sir Clienshe. The party's survival was in doubt, but George Madoc was able to threaten Frederik Von Pirn into ordering his men to surrender. With Von Pirn captured, the party were able to return him to Keep a few days later, having received 2000gp from Lord Darrington and a further 3000gp from Frederik's own bag of holding (alongside a sash of infinite knives from Mr Skinner, Von Pirn's own firearms, and a Ring of the Ram). Mr Skinner and Mr Fist were left with a day's ration in the marshes surrounding Orcwatch Tower, Mr Skinner being left naked without any weapons. 

Upon their return to Keep, Lord Darrington congratulated the party and informed them that they would be accompanying him to Ballinor for the trial of Frederik Von Pirn. 


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